Meet the Team: Jessica Eynon

The Evans Team

01 September 2021

Here’s the latest in our “Meet the Team” series featuring our very own Swiss Army knife, Jessica!

Though she had aspirations to be a police officer while growing up, Evans is lucky to have Jessica Eynon as part of our team. Instead of keeping the peace out in society, we’re fortunate to have her as our VP of Enterprise Services and basically a Jessica-Of-All-Trades!

When did you join Evans?

I joined as a Customer Service Representative in 2009 after serving as an Account Representative in Quad Graphics’ Delivery Services Group, managing truckload movements from plants to end destinations.

What do you do for Evans?

This is the toughest question for me to answer because the answer is just about everything. I started as an entry-level LTL dispatcher nearly 15 years ago, and through the years, I've had the pleasure of being involved in just about every department at Evans. We eventually found my sweet spot and created our new Enterprise Services department. Using my experience in both technology and successful customer onboarding, we can focus on providing the Evans Experience -#EX- to current and future partners.

Other departments you work with at Evans?

  • Core Member of EOS Traction Leadership Team
  • Accounting & Administration
  • Onboarding and Assessments
  • Technology Support

What’s it like to work at Evans?

We spend most of our lives with our coworkers, so having a team of intelligent, creative, hard-working, and hilarious people makes even the most challenging days so enjoyable.


Born and raised in Brookfield, Wisconsin, now as a mother of 3, I tend to spend most of my time driving back and forth to football practices, hosting sleepovers, or helping with those last-minute school projects at midnight the night before. We enjoy family hikes, trips "up north," and far too many shopping trips.

Factoid about Jessica:

When the kids are away, Jessica plays, specifically poker.

Jessica’s ability to not only "do it all" but "do it all well" is why she's been a part of the Evans team for over a decade, and we're excited to have her on board for many years to come!

The Evans Team


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