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Money-saving, end-to-end transportation management driven by commitment.

Today’s shipping environment and customer expectations demand a heightened level of performance and efficiency. Lower shipping costs. Quick transit times. Transparent communication. Streamline and optimize your supply chain logistics by partnering with an experienced, strategic 3PL with turnkey transportation management solutions. Partner with Evans Transportation Services.

A Partner Who Understands the Meaning of Partnership

Trust is earned. And because we strive to build lasting, successful relationships, our mindset is on mutual appreciation and respect for our business partnerships.

Quick Response
and Quick

When businesses grow, change happens fast. Being incredibly nimble means we adjust quickly to your changing needs, no matter how last-minute they may be.

Every carrier invoice audited

No more hidden fees or incorrect information slipping through the cracks. We catch and dispute any and all inaccuracies to save you money and time and boost your bottom line.

A smoother flow of goods, information, and money

An innovative spirit and nimble size allow Evans to create from-scratch solutions for your unique supply chain logistics needs with your budget in mind.

We’re a different 3PL because we pioneered 3PL.


Evans is a single-source, end-to-end transportation management provider leveraging 34+ years of industry experience, exclusive carrier contracts, and best-in-class, completely configurable technology. TMS software, true transparency, time- and cost-saving optimizations … partnering with Evans is like adding a highly skilled transportation management department to your company.

Evans-managed modes across North America.

One of the country’s first 100 freight brokers has evolved into a powerful, growing 3PL. Our goal is to provide shippers with an end-to-end transportation management experience that would be unattainable without us otherwise.



The right carriers to reduce transportation cost, increase flexibility, and improve customer satisfaction.

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Full Truckload

Smart shipping strategies, the capacity you demand, and the rates you need.

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Parcel Optimization

Realize small package savings opportunities with proprietary contract analysis software.

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Specialty Solutions

Use our seasoned specialty solution experts for intermodal, air, international, heavy/overdimensional, and expedite and mark the mission accomplished.

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Our performance.
Their reactions.

"Evans delivers capacity at competitive rates every time we need to move freight. Trust is earned, and we trust them."

"Their performance instills confidence that they are looking out for our best interests."

"These guys honestly seek ways to reduce cost for us; they’re not just moving freight."

"They always seem to go one step further than what you are expecting to get the job done."


Shipper’s Guide: Getting Logistics a Seat at the Table.

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