Our unmatched commitment is
focused on YOU.

Yes, Evans is a full-service, third-party provider of custom logistics solutions for a diverse range of North American shippers. Yet to reach that level, we’ve taken the time and invested the energy on each business’ unique needs. It’s always about you: What you need, where you need it, when you need it.


years average client retention (industry average is 18 months).


years of experience creating custom logistics solutions.


team members dedicated to cost savings and speed.

Welcome to the EX, the Evans Experience


Our guiding principles sparked the above-and-beyond customer service and customized strategic solutions for which we’re known. They forged our company’s foundation in 1985 and guide us today to ...

  • maximize agility to evolve along with the logistics industry

  • use industry-leading technology, including TMS software

  • form teams dedicated to problem-solving and cost savings

  • deliver on our promises





First, we listen. Then, we create customized logistics solutions.

How do you become the best at what you do? Love what you do. At Evans, we love logistics, and we love providing 3PL solutions. We’ve discovered that in order to excel, we need to invest time and effort in our customers’ businesses. That’s why, from the very beginning of a relationship, we “ask more than we tell” to understand your situation completely and then help to improve it.

Our Unshakeable Guiding Principles



No one excels for 35+ years by cutting corners. Every angle for opportunity is explored, which helps our customers rest easy.

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The more complicated your challenge, the hungrier we are to solve it. Bring us your most perplexing supply chain situations.



We love logistics. Our daily consumption of industry insight ensures we create the smartest solutions to streamline your supply chain.

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As a third-party service provider, communication is key to success. You have the information you need before you know you need it.

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We’re not an app, a tech company, or a rate shop. We’re a partner—with open book pricing and complete network transparency — that provides solutions and puts you in control.

Want to join our team?

If you’re looking for a challenging and rewarding career, connect with Evans. You’re a click away from an exciting change.


Our performance.
Their reactions.

"Any assistance I need, I know I am in great hands working with them."

"Evans is a class act and a full service, privately held 3PL you can trust."

"When I ask questions of Evans, I receive an honest dialogue based on insightful, deep knowledge of what’s happening in transportation and how it impacts my business."