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Evans Partners with College Athletes

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"As former Division 1 athletes, we understand what athletes like Molly, Chris, and Chim are going through, and we're here to support them."


-Ryan Keepman
  CEO, Evans Transportation 



With offices in Wisconsin and Minnesota, we're in close proximity to the University of Wisconsin and the University of Minnesota, so when the opportunity to support college athletes through the NCAA’s NIL (name, image, and likeness) initiative came around, we didn’t hesitate. Both CEO Ryan Keepman, and President/COO, Jason Mansur, were D1 athletes in their day, so they are familiar with the challenges student-athletes face.

“Evans believes that there's value in these students having a little bit of change in their pocket to be able to live a decent college life,” Keepman said. “Having leaders at Evans to share our experience, or even mentoring some of the athletes, is critical to us, as we’re big believers in NIL.”


Keepman stressed the importance of partnering with student-athletes who are like-minded. “I think it comes down to the individual, and for me, whenever we've been presented with an athlete, I want to know more about them as a person. I want people that are engaged with Evans from an NIL perspective as an athlete to be selected similarly to how we hire our team members.”


Evans firmly believes that the NIL model, while in its early stages, is a fantastic starting point for student-athletes to get a piece of what they're creating and helping continually evolve for universities. We look forward to continuing to support these students for years to come.



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