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Types of Specialty Services we offer

  • Over-dimensional rail transportation
  • Heavy haul transportation
  • Barge transportation
  • Crane and rigging
  • Engineered transport drawings
  • On-site projects management

Rail Transportation Services 


Rail shipping is often the most economical solution for North American land transportation of oversized and overweight cargo.  Due to the distinctive challenges presented by oversized rail, Evans’ experienced professional logisticians will review your shipments and determine if rail is a suitable mode. 


  • Rates and pricing solutions

  • Rail routing optimization

  • Railroad clearance planning and submittal

  • Rail Equipment

  • Engineered load and securement plans

  • Railroad Expeditors

  • Daily updates

  • GPS tracking and impact recorders

  • On-site project managers



Heavy Haul Services



Evans’ experienced professionals will evaluate your cargo to determine the best modal solution.  This could mean moving your oversized and overweight shipments over the road.  With newer technology available to many heavy haulers, it has become more feasible than ever to move large and heavy freight over the road.  Our team will customize a transport plan to navigate your cargo through any challenges presented by the size or weight of your freight.   Evans will coordinate with our core network of heavy haul and super load transport providers as well as local, county and state authorities to perform all permitted route studies, bridge engineering and analysis and civilian, local and state police escort requirements. 


  • Haul route and site surveys

  • Permit planning and submittal

  • Equipment planning and selection

  • Engineered transport plans

  • GPS tracking and impact recorders

  • On-site project managers

Barge Transportation Services 


Barge transportation is often required for cargo that exceeds size and weight restrictions for over the road or rail transportation.  This shipping mode is beneficial as it is cost effective, environmentally friendly and a safer way to move freight while reducing road congestion.  Barge transport presents many unique factors such as river accessibility, navigable vs. non-navigable waterways, water velocity and depth, suitable dock access and offload accessibility.  Evans’ experienced logisticians will review your cargo as well as your shipping origin and destination locations to determine if a multimodal solution that includes barge transportation is the right choice for your shipment. 

  • Inland deck and hopper barges

  • ABS ocean deck barges

  • Roll-on/Roll-off Operations

  • Lift-on/Lift-off Operations

  • Engineered Stow Plans

  • Ocean shipping

  • Breakbulk and heavy lift

  • GPS tracking and impact recorders

  • On-site project managers  



Heavy Lift Crane and Rigging Services

Not all modal choices are capable of moving your freight directly from point A to point B.  Oftentimes it may be necessary to pair a minimum of two modes of transportation to successfully deliver oversized and super load freight to the final destination.  Evans’ experienced professionals will assess your cargo specifications to determine the optimal modes of transport and incorporate crane and rigging solutions to seamlessly transition your cargo from one conveyance to another.  Evans will also assist in loading, offloading and setting your cargo in place at the final delivery location.  In the event your delivery site is not yet ready to receive, Evans will provide interim storage options including handling into and out of storage. 


  • Mobile truck and crawler crane
  • Hydraulic Jack-and-slide 
  • Gantry crane and slide systems 
  • Engineered lift plans 
  • Site review and rigging feasibility studies 
  • Full cargo liability insurance 
  • GPS tracking and impact recorders  
  • On-site project managers 

Engineered Planning Services

One of the most critical parts of the transportation process is planning. With the detailed advance planning provided by Evans, you’ll be able to look at the bigger picture, foresee and circumvent possible obstacles and provide accurate information to your customers.  This will ensure your loads are delivered safely and on time. 

  • Rail transport load layout

  • Rail clearance profile

  • Rail route and equipment planning

  • Loading and securement plans

  • Heavy haul route and equipment

  • Critical lift and rigging plans

  • Barge layout and stow plans

  • Feasibility studies and risk analysis 

  • Load consolidation and optimization plans   

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