Imagine what a 20% savings on your parcel contract could mean.

Do you think your parcel contracts could be improved?

Want a non-invasive, zero-cost assessment completed in a week or less?

Enjoy performance-based fee structures?


Without expert insight, many parcel contracts end up being bloated. Proper parcel optimization can realize significant savings opportunities, but without the right analysis software, those savings are nearly impossible to uncover. Thankfully, Evans has a team of experts to bring quick savings to light for most parcel shippers.

Evans' Parcel Solutions Division increases value to customers by providing cost-savings, tactical carrier diversification, and improved operational insight and accountability through contract optimization, audit and recovery, and business intelligence services. When transparency and understanding are brought to transportation spending, the savings add up quickly.

Team Evans has been helping businesses (large and small) achieve remarkable improvements to their carrier contracts for over two decades. All of the above is once again part of the Evans Experience - EX - that we deliver to our customers daily. We’re looking forward to partnering with you for a Parcel Solution! Contact us at to connect with the team. 


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4 simple steps to parcel savings:


Our industry-specific proprietary software and team of experts analyze your current parcel contracts and shipping profile.


Evans will present you with your savings opportunities.


Equipped with our data insights and extensive knowledge, Evans will support you during the negotiation of the parcel carrier contract.


You move ahead with stellar support from Evans. 

How it Works:


Collect carrier contracts and online billing login. Evans will access transportation data on your behalf. 


Evans conducts up-front analysis identifying savings opportunities at no cost to you. 


Statement of work (SOW) presented and signed. 


Evans will collaborate with you to identify optimal strategy-based objectives: Cost Reduction, Carrier Diversification, and Cost Avoidance.


Execute an optimal negotiation strategy for engaging carriers. 


Evans will model each round of proposal, and report back with savings, talking points, and target discounts to communicate to carriers. 

Savings Reporting

Evans will calculate forecasted and actual savings based on the executed carrier contract.  

Let's talk about Parcel Solutions

The right analysis software uncovers savings opportunities within your bloated parcel contracts. Evans is always open to evaluating your specific situation.

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