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Imagine what a 20% savings on your parcel contract could mean.

Do you think your parcel contracts could be improved?

Want to know exactly how to negotiate them?

Enjoy performance-based fee structures?

Without expert insight, many parcel contracts end up being bloated. Proper parcel optimization can realize significant savings opportunities, but without the right analysis software, those savings are nearly impossible to uncover. Thankfully, Evans has an exclusive, proprietary partnership that brings quick savings to light for most parcel shippers.

Evans’ customers have special access to the services of Lojistic, a leading parcel spend management consultancy that leverages proprietary cost modeling technology to identify parcel savings opportunities of at least 20%. When transparency and understanding is brought to transportation spending, the savings add up quickly.

Your Lojistic account “accounts for” all the unique elements of “you” when quantifying your opportunities to save. Leverage the attractive elements of your shipping profile and acute knowledge of what incentives are possible to get the best FedEx and UPS shipping rates. Your Lojistic account will highlight specific opportunities where you can save. The team can help you get those savings.

The team at Lojistic has been helping businesses (large and small) achieve remarkable improvements to their carrier contracts for around two decades.

Learn more about how Lojistic can help you with your contract optimization.



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4 simple steps to parcel savings:


Lojistic's proprietary software analyzes your current parcel contracts.


Evans and Lojistic present you with your savings opportunities.


Equipped with Lojistic’s data insights, you or Lojistic negotiate the parcel carrier contract.


You move ahead with stellar support from Lojistic.

How it Works:


Customer provides parcel carrier contracts and invoices.


Lojistic conducts a non-cost, non-invasive preliminary analysis.


Service agreement executed.


Kick-off meeting; savings strategy developed.


Savings strategy implemented; Lojistic invoicing begins.


Lojistic provides ongoing strategic guidance.

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The right analysis software uncovers savings opportunities within your bloated parcel contracts. Evans is always open to evaluating your specific situation.

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