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Charlie Keepman

Founder & Chairman

In 1985, Charlie Keepman founded Evans Transportation Services upon an unmatched commitment to customer service and genuine partnership. That commitment set Evans apart then, and it does to this day, much due to Charlie’s human-centric leadership. In fact, meeting new people and helping them achieve their goals, both professional and personal, is Charlie’s favorite part about his latest role as Evans’ Chairman of the Board.

Charlie spent his earlier days leading Evans’ sales and operations departments, but he also embarked upon a wide variety of other transportation-related endeavors. He got his start in the industry as a broker, then went on to own a national carrier specializing in the transportation of sensitive medical devices, a regional less-than-truckload carrier, a warehouse, and a recycled pallet manufacturing company. When it comes to transportation, Charlie has seen it all, and that’s what makes him so certain of Evans’ model of asset-less transportation management: no other approach is able to cater to shippers’ needs with the same degree of flexibility or opportunity for cost savings. Charlie’s experience is also what makes him such a valuable advisor to Evans.

New leadership has afforded Charlie the opportunity to spend more time doing what he loves most: creating memories with his ever-growing family. Charlie was born in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, but now, he, his wife, and their three youngest children reside in Inlet Beach, Florida where they enjoy games of tennis and golf and time at the beach. Charlie’s favorite form of exercise will always be trying to keep up with the kids. While Charlie deserves to celebrate many accomplishments, nothing makes him prouder than his 39-year marriage, five children, and three grandchildren.

What’s Charlie’s special sauce? His infinite heart.
What’s Charlie’s favorite book? Anything World War II – my father was a bombardier flying B-17s and in charge of ten people. It amazes me to think about how these leaders were 19 to 21 years old, operating on three months of training and stringently limited resources. Any entrepreneur could be inspired by their courage, selflessness, and perseverance.
What did childhood Charlie want to be when he grew up? I wanted to work for myself. And work for himself, he did!

Ryan Keepman


Having grown up around logistics and leadership, Ryan was quite literally born for his role as Evans’ President. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin at Madison with a degree in Agricultural Economics and time spent on its lauded football team, Ryan got his start in the industry as a sales executive for Tri-State Expedited Services where he was honored as their top producer for three consecutive years.

In 2007, Ryan joined the Evans team where he spent his first 11 years working in all departments including Operations, Accounting, and Sales. As President, Ryan continues to impact all areas of Evans’ business, leading the 34-year-old 3PL to its greatest growth period in its history. With so many responsibilities, it’s a good thing Ryan finds inspiration in the Evans team and is invigorated by the industry’s state of constant change.

Ryan was born in Brookfield, Wisconsin (Evans’ hometown), but now, he resides in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, where he, his wife, and their three children enjoy white sand beaches and crystal blue water. Family is his #1, but he also enjoys pretending he knows how to play golf and plotting to become the Gulf Coast’s top deep sea fishing guide.

We could go on, but we think the most fun way for you to learn more about Ryan would be to listen to his featured interview on Mike Malatesta’s podcast, “How’d It Happen.” In Mike’s own words, “You’re in for a real treat with this episode as Ryan is the ‘Real Deal’ when it comes to an ambitious, caring and humble leader.” We couldn’t agree more.

What’s Ryan’s special sauce? His ability to connect with all walks of life and help people see past their perceived limitations.
What’s Ryan’s favorite quote? ‘We will chase perfection, and we will chase it relentlessly, knowing all the while we can never attain it. But along the way, we shall catch excellence.’ -Vince Lombardi.
What did young Ryan want to be when he grew up? A cowboy catching wild horses. Wranglin’ freight isn’t too different!

Jason Mansur

Chief Operating Officer

There’s a running joke in the transportation management industry that no one meant to join it, but once they got started, they couldn’t stop, becoming hooked on the fast pace and nonstop challenges. Jason Mansur is a part of the small population who joined the industry with intention, graduating from the University of St. Thomas’ Opus College of Management with a degree in Operations Management.

Jason began his transportation career 15 years ago at FedEx as a material handler, observing logistics from the ground level. Subsequently, he joined Logistics Planning Services (LPS) where he earned their top award for overall dedication and drive.

When GlobalTranz acquired LPS in 2018, Jason became a member of their leadership team. Thankfully, that same year, the opportunity to impact growth quickly, collaboratively, and creatively drew him to Evans where he now serves as COO.

As Evans’ COO, Jason artfully manages the many decisions, implementations, and cultural changes of the fast-growing 3PL, wearing 1,000 different hats. Representing Evans’ customers and improving their day-to-day transportation experiences as well as overall strategy keeps Jason energized – truly, he never seems to run out of steam or positivity.

Jason and his wife live in St. Paul, Minnesota, where they enjoy their hometown’s endless miles of trails and beautiful bodies of water. Avid runners, both he and his wife have finished the Boston and London Marathons, and they’re not done yet!

What’s Jason’s special sauce? His ability to take on a vast and diverse amount of work and get it done efficiently and precisely while keeping his cool.
What’s Jason’s favorite book? 'Outliers' by Malcom Gladwell.
Who is Jason’s role model? My mom because of the way she raised our family. She always puts everyone else first.

Charles Miller

Executive Vice President

Ask Charles Miller how he defines his career identity, and he’d say he’s “just your average freight guy.” Ask anyone who has worked with him, and they’d say he’s a freight genius.

Charles graduated from Carthage College where he studied Sociology and Criminal Justice. As Evans’ Executive Vice President overseeing all customer and carrier solutions, Charles leverages that education to analyze transportation data and design uniquely creative strategies to solve the most complex problems.

Prior to Evans, Charles spent time in warehousing, over-the-road, dedicated contract, supply chain consultation, and other transportation management roles, totaling 14 years in the industry. Charles joined the Evans team in 2013 where he quickly became essential to forging the 3PL’s future through growing and retaining business.

Charles was born in Neenah, Wisconsin, made a couple of pit stops along the way in New York and New Jersey, and now lives in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin with his wife. Together, they enjoy fishing, hunting, concerts, and the fresh lakes and friendly folks of their town.

What’s Charles’ special sauce? That giant brain and the creative solutions it brings.
Who is Charles’ role model? My father because of his insistence on operating his business and life with integrity and honesty.
What’s Charles’ favorite quote? ‘If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got.’

Rich Reese

VP - Client Services

Rich Reese’s commitment to continuous improvement defines who he is and what he brings to any table. Prior to joining the Evans team, Rich gained over five years of logistics experience before earning leadership positions in the client experience and operations space for impactful manufacturers, giving him a uniquely fitting insight into the needs of Evans’ customers.

The fast pace of the logistics industry, down-to-earth but driven company culture, and perfect marriage of his experience drew Rich to his latest undertaking as Evans’ VP of Client Services. In this integral role, Rich oversees the onboarding, implementation, and performance reviews of Evans’ key accounts, ensuring their needs are met. Aside from his resume, Rich’s knack for building and maintaining relationships, his keen ear for listening, and his finely tuned eye for opportunity make him the perfect person for this role.

Rich grew up in Oshkosh, Wisconsin where he achieved a degree in Biology from the University of Wisconsin- Oshkosh. Now, he and his family reside in the Menomonee Falls area where they enjoy many traditions, sports, and outdoor activities together.

What’s Rich’s special sauce? Building relationships and solving tough problems.
What’s Rich’s favorite book? How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
What’s Rich’s favorite quote? “Do the right thing.”

Jessica Eynon

VP - Technology Solutions

If Jessica Eynon were a utility tool, she’d be a Swiss Army Knife. While she serves as Evans’ VP of Technology Solutions, designing, implementing, and maintaining custom TMS solutions for the 3PL’s diverse customer base, she happily lends a hand wherever else she’s needed. One day, she could be redecorating once-outdated spaces at Evans’ HQ, and the next, she’s organizing a much-needed happy hour for Evans’ hard-working team.

Jessica joined the Evans team as a Customer Service Representative in 2009 after serving as an Account Representative in Quad Graphics’ Delivery Services Group, managing truckload movements from plants to end destinations. Once at Evans, Jessica achieved well-deserved promotion after well-deserved promotion, even serving as Evans’ Director of Operations for three years before finding her true calling in transportation management technology.

As a highly involved, 10-year member of the Evans team, Jessica’s relationships with her coworkers keep her going. In her words, “We spend most of our lives with our coworkers, so having a team of intelligent, creative, hard-working, and hilarious people makes even the most challenging days so fun and enjoyable.”

Jessica was born in Brookfield, Wisconsin and currently lives in New Berlin, Wisconsin with her family of three. Together, they enjoy outdoor adventures, cooking, and trips to Wisconsin’s beautiful North. But, when the kids are away, Jessica plays, specifically poker. With a mind as quick as hers, she’s a formidable opponent at any table.

What’s Jessica’s special sauce? Her loyalty to Evans and willingness to do whatever it takes to support the growth of her teammates and employer.
What’s Jessica’s favorite family tradition? ‘Sno-Blast’ at Wisconsin’s Lake Arrowhead. It’s an annual winter festival full of dog sled rides, fireworks, and ice bowling. We’ve been going for 18 years as a family.
What did young Jessica want to be when she grew up? A police officer.

Zach O' Haver

Director - Accounting

Zach O’Haver is one of those rare individuals who’s always looking for ways to improve, both himself and his employer. In fact, that commitment to doing whatever it takes not only to get the job done, but to innovate, earned Zach Evans’ Passion Award in 2018, honoring him for his overall dedication and incredible impact.

After beginning his logistics career at one of Evans’ partner carriers, Zach joined the Evans team in 2017 as a Billing Analyst. It took little time for him to stand out from the crowd. Not only did he complete his tasks efficiently and accurately, he consistently found ways to improve internal processes, profitability, and the customer experience, earning him a promotion to Evans’ Director of Accounting.

As Director of Accounting, Zach oversees Evans’ administrative, billing, and collections teams, but also contributes directly to Evans’ future through the analysis of growth opportunities and unearthing what might be holding us back.

Zach graduated from the University of Wisconsin at Parkside where he played on their baseball team with a degree in Business Management. He was born in Racine, Wisconsin, and now lives in Greenfield, Wisconsin with his wife and newborn.

What’s Zach’s special sauce? His ability to adapt quickly to curveballs and new circumstances makes him a perfect match for his highly involved role at the nimble, quickly growing 3PL.
What’s Zach’s secret talent? I can make a whole frozen pizza disappear.
Who’s Zach’s role model? My parents. They started as young parents with nothing and raised four children while making tremendous leaps in their careers. They continue to work extremely hard while putting others before themselves. Their work ethic and integrity reminds us of Zach’s!

Jeanine Bartoli, JB

Vice President - Finance

What’s Jeanine's special sauce?  Her ability to manage multiple high level projects with a positive attitude at the same time. Jeanine is our data queen!
Whats one personal achievement that Jeanine's is proud of?  Working as a federal agent for the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.
How does Jeanine like to spend her free time? (Family, charity work, fishing – anything’s game!) I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I love to host cookouts at our house or organize outings with friends (i.e. concert, show, golfing).

Brett Bauer

VP - Business Development

Impressed by the positive, collaborative leadership and opportunity to have a direct impact, Brett Bauer joined the Evans team in 2015 after a 12-year career at CH Robinson, one of the largest 3PLs in the world. As VP of Business Development, Brett enjoys helping shippers make their logistics program more efficient and less costly.

Brett graduated from the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh where he studied business and communications and played on the basketball team. His competitive drive drew him to logistics immediately after graduating, but it’s his passion for helping his clients build solutions that improve their personal careers that makes him certain he’ll be in logistics for the long haul.

Born in Emporium, Pennsylvania, now, Brett resides in Waunakee, Wisconsin, just outside of Madison, Wisconsin with his wife and two children. His favorite way to spend his free time is with his family, especially at the family cabin in Northern Wisconsin.

What’s Brett’s special sauce? The honesty and transparency that he maintains with his prospects and clients gets them better results, faster.
Who is Brett’s role model? My niece and godchild. At 14-years-old, she was diagnosed with cancer. She lost her battle in the same year, but the positivity and perseverance that she exhibited during that time will always inspire me.
What’s Brett’s favorite quote? Progress takes place outside of the comfort zone.

Brian Mears

VP - Key Accounts

Brian Mears has been in the logistics industry for 15 years, getting his start at Logistics Planning Services (LPS) before joining the Evans team in 2017. As one of Evans’ VPs of Key Accounts, Brian spreads the good transportation word, establishing credibility and building trust with prospective customers through his trademark ability to educate shippers on complex transportation concepts in an approachable, enjoyable way.

Born in St. Paul, Minnesota, Brian graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Economics. Now, he resides with his wife and children in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, hitting the coast as much as they can between their mutually busy schedules.

What’s Brian’s special sauce? His ability to build trust through transparent, reliable communication and genuine dedication to his prospects’ success.
What’s Brian’s secret talent? I can make minute rice in 59 seconds.
Who’s Brian’s role model? My grandfather. He embodied what it means to be a good person.

Joe Pietrzak

VP - Key Accounts

Joe Pietrzak has been in the transportation industry for 35 years and with Evans, specifically, for 20. Joe is a people person through and through, so it’s fitting that he found his career’s home at Evans via the relationship he built with the once-asset-based 3PL as their sales representative at Rollins Truck Leasing, purchased by Penske in 2001.

As one of Evans’ VPs of Key Accounts, Joe focuses his energy on building genuine relationships, evidenced by his being responsible for one of Evans’ longest standing clients. He’s fueled by the logistics industry’s state of constant change, and especially appreciates the Evans team and their ability to tailor solutions so specifically and creatively to their clients’ needs. Whether it be pricing, planning, or technology, in Joe’s own words, “they ALWAYS have a solution.”

Joe studied Finance, Economics, and Supply Chain Solutions at the University of Texas and Michigan State. Born in Chicago, Illinois, now, Joe lives in West Michigan with his wife and daughter where they enjoy life on the lake and all of the nature that their coastal environment provides. He’s a #1 dad, watching (and chasing) his daughter at her sports games, attending her theater performances, and still managing to squeeze in watching 500 baseball games a year.

What’s Joe’s special sauce? His natural ability to make friends out of clients, not only getting to know their business, but their family and pastimes, as well.
What’s one personal achievement Joe is proud of? Fatherhood — simple as that!
What did young Joe want to be when he grew up? A professional baseball player. He came mighty close as a member of the University of Texas’ team.

John Conrad

VP - Key Accounts

John Conrad has been in the transportation management industry for 14 years, spending time at CH Robinson and Kenco before being drawn to Evans in 2014 by the genuine integrity and positivity of the team. As one of Evans’ VPs of Key Accounts, John seeks out shippers who are in need of a partner to manage their transportation activities. A natural problem solver and relationship builder, John thrives on the non-stop challenges that define the industry and finds enjoyment in the time he shares with prospective customers and teammates.

John graduated from Wheaton College where he studied Business and Economics. He was born in Naples, Florida, and currently resides in Chattanooga, Tennessee with his wife and six children. Together, they enjoy the outdoor activities that their community provides, skipping town on occasion for a trip to the mountains to hit the slopes.

If you’ve read all of our leadership’s biographies so far, you might’ve noticed how many of them cite the unique character of the Evans team as one of their main reasons for loving their Evans Experience and transportation management career. John is an immense part of that character, sharing his time and kindness with all he encounters.

Recently, John traveled to Uganda with the Ugandan Water Project on their trip to help repair broken boreholes, bringing water to over 1,000 people in need. Step inside his trip and learn more about the Ugandan Water Project in this short, incredibly inspirational video.

Tom Underdahl

Director - Business Development

Tom Underdahl has a drive that doesn’t quit, so it’s appropriate that what has kept him in the transportation management industry for 10 years is the complete lack of a dull moment.

Tom got his start in sales as a Direct Sales Manager for a media company before joining the Logistics Planning Services (LPS) team as an Outside Sales Representative. Inspired by the opportunity to have direct impact on strategy and growth, in 2017, Tom signed onto team Evans as the 3PL’s Director of Business Development.

As Evans’ Director of Business Development, Tom is dedicated to seeking out aligned opportunities for both Evans and shippers, alike. He works closely with Marketing to develop new sales strategies, coaching Evans’ Business Development and Insides Sales teams, sharing the wisdom (and hilarious stories) that he has collected throughout his decade of sales experience. Nothing invigorates Tom more than seeing his team succeed and Evans’ reach grow.

Born in Southern Minnesota, Tom graduated from the University of Mount Union with a degree in Business Development. He continues to live in the same area today, working from Evans’ Minneapolis office, only now, he shares his home with his wife and children. Together, they are avid sports fans and players, staying active and enjoying the Twin Cities’ beautiful outdoors.

What’s Tom’s special sauce? Boundless energy makes Tom an immensely effective developer of new business and keeps his team’s drive unmatched.
What did young Tom want to be when he grew up? A professional poker player. Nothing’s getting past me, dog!
What’s Tom’s favorite family tradition? Getting away from freezing Minnesota winters with my family to be anywhere warm over every Christmas season.

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