Consistent truckload capacity is critical. We’ll make it efficient, too.

Need your freight to get there fast?

Is your product sensitive to cross-contamination?

Can you handle cyclical capacity inconsistencies?

Can you maximize backhaul opportunities?

Full truckload (FTL) shipping is the preferred way to transport large or sensitive freight loads. Having only one pickup can make FTL less expensive, and fewer pickups always means faster delivery time than (LTL) shipping. Freight handling is greatly reduced, which is especially comforting for fragile or perishable freight.

Some things you can’t change. The fragmented carrier market being one. Yet, you can change your approach to FTL shipping. When you outsource your FTL management to Evans, you access our expansive, diverse, and well-qualified carrier network backed by trusted relationships. We’ll get you the capacity you demand and the cost savings you need.

Don’t Overpay!

Because FTL shipping moves the freight of one shipper per trailer from origin to destination, it presents inefficiencies for smaller amounts of freight. If you’re using FTL for shipments that don’t require a full trailer, you’re probably overpaying. Plus, you’re increasing the risk of your freight shifting in the unused capacity and getting damaged.

Unloading full truckload

FTL Challenges, Rates, and Benefits


Filling the truck isn’t required. The shipper has full capacity, if needed.


Shipping 10+ pallets at a time, often with fragile products.


Locking in a competitive FTL rate requires a deep understanding of the freight market and carriers’ goals.


Delivering on-time is imperative. Firm pick-up and delivery times are expected.


Enjoy reduced risk of loss or damage due to reduced handling; FTL avoids multiple terminal stops that are common with LTL.


In a time crunch? An FTL shipment arrives at its single destination quicker than LTL.


What can make finding capacity and getting competitive pricing challenging? Your plant is inconveniently located, your freight is “ugly,” you don’t regularly ship FTL, and/or you have few trusted carrier relationships.

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Evans’ full truckload (FTL) solutions leverage a diverse network of stringently qualified, trusted national carriers, access to all equipment types, and the right resources to fulfill your exact shipping needs. Contact us today to start your FTL conversation.

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