Custom, data-based solutions for the most complex shipping challenges.

Your transportation expenses are significant

The logistics required are complex

There are infinite variables to juggle

We understand: Not everyone’s core competency includes transportation management. After all, it’s incredibly complicated, from the accurate selection of freight class/mode/carrier to unpredictable weather. The right outsourced partner can help you gain complete control of your shipping network, realize hard and soft cost savings, improve your reputation, and more.

Evans is uniquely qualified to save you time and money.


35+ Years of Success

Decades of solving challenges is irreplaceable and priceless. Our good decision-making is powered by in-depth, expansive experience.


Dedicated Transportation Teams

Our uncommonly high employee retention rate means you’ll enjoy reliable relationships and more progress in less time.


Shipping Network Transparency

Evans’ live tracking, proactive communications TMS software, and custom dynamic reporting allow you to plan better and communicate proactively with your customers. It’s good to be in control.


Technology Made Simple

Live, one-on-one training and our accessible support team make navigating our customizable TMS a breeze. Connect via systems integration or a web-based portal.


Carrier All-Star Team

Our robust rating engine compares pricing for all modes simultaneously, allowing you to be confident in every carrier selection.


Supply Chain Optimization

Let us uncover creative cost savings through compliance, modal swap, load consolidation, multi-pick & drop movements, pooling, and backhauls.

4PL Model

By blending incumbent carriers with Evans-select carriers, we save you money with minimal changes to your supply chain. We call this our “4PL Model,” and our customers love it because there’s no risk. If your incumbent carrier is a better option than Evans’ carrier options, we’ll select it, you keep what was great about your former transportation solution, and our new carrier options replace what wasn’t working for you.

More ways to save with Evans.

Inbound Freight Management

Some businesses spend 40% or more of their annual freight budgets on inbound shipping (according to Aberdeen). It pays to focus on inbound freight—and the suppliers that are shipping it. While your suppliers’ shipping practices may seem fine, strategic management of supplier compliance virtually guarantees reduced costs and improved efficiency.

Turning your attention to supplier compliance can help you cut hidden freight costs, optimize shipments, ease supplier communications, improve visibility, and more. Evans can help you manage costs, reduce delays, and even train suppliers on new shipping practices. Contact us to discuss your inbound freight management needs.

Transportation Optimization

Moving product to customers can always be done more efficiently. Transportation optimization involves the careful analysis of modes, carriers, distribution strategies, and routes to ensure the most cost-effective shipment possible. It sounds complicated—and it can be—but with the right knowledge and tools, it doesn’t have to be.

Evans Educates

For one of our clients, we trained their 300+ suppliers across the U.S. on new, optimized processes in just under 2 months. This allowed our client to recognize their inbound transportation savings at breakneck speed otherwise unattainable without our help.

Connect with us.

With Evans as your guide through transportation optimization, you’ll better understand how the transportation component of your supply chain can make your entire business better. Connect with us to further explore your transportation optimization opportunities.


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