You need a partner who knows your business.

Your business is unlike any other, so it’d be a stretch to expect a one-size-fits-all package to work for you. For true transportation optimization, you need to partner with a transportation management expert who understands your business but also listens to learn about what makes your challenges unique. You need a plan made from scratch with no one but your product and budget in mind. You need a partner like Evans.


As one of the most trusted transportation managers of commercial truck and trailer systems and components, we know firsthand the many moving parts and time sensitivity of automotive logistics. For OEMs, successful shipping requires a deep understanding of both transportation options and manufacturing processes. For suppliers, it takes speedy, flexible, and affordable options. Evans’ experience-backed, custom solutions include all modes for maximum results.

Chemicals and Plastics

Small decisions have a big impact when shipping sensitive, regulated goods like chemicals and plastics. Skip the damage control and trust Evans with your transportation to-do list. We’ll get to know your business and—armed with 30 years of experience shipping chemicals and plastics—strategize your optimized transportation program. You’ll be in good hands with us. Especially when shipping chemicals and plastics, communication and service are of the utmost importance.

Energy and Oil

Energy and oil fuel our lives: our homes, schools, and hospitals; our cars, buses, and bikes. All so important to the function and flow of society. Even one delayed shipment could cause a chain reaction across hundreds –maybe thousands – of units and impact just as many lives. We understand the importance of your shipments, selecting trustworthy carriers from our stringently vetted database and staying in constant contact to keep you informed.

Food and Beverage

In food and beverage shipping, your transportation program can be the difference between success and regret. Timing and temperature are of the utmost importance – weather can change without warning, mandating a quick response and alternative plan; sharing a trailer with a pungent product could leave your product with a smell. We’re honored to be the trusted transportation partners of some of America’s most beloved food and beverage brands. You focus on your product and leave the shipping to us. We’ll make sure everyone gets to enjoy it!


Trusted partnerships, three decades of experience, and constant continuing education allow Evans to navigate the complex, heavily regulated healthcare industry. Our compliance programs ensure all facilities ship with integrity and minimal disruption, keeping our customers’ supply chains running smoothly and hospitals and clinics well stocked with the goods they need to do their vital job. The time and care we take getting to know your business will manifest in successful shipments and met goals.


Whether you’re sourcing from suppliers or shipping to your customers, timing and communication are everything in manufacturing logistics. A supply chain or warehouse could be thrown off for a month from one missed pickup, but proactive communication and alternative planning could save the day. Maybe your product is oddly shaped or oversized. Have you looked into your inbound cost? That’s why Evans is here. To optimize your transportation program and keep it on track.

Technology and Electronics

The technology market is competitive. You could steal market share with lower shipping costs and lose it without same-day shipping. Consumer demand drives the complicated, high-speed nature of consumer electronics into the B2B supplier space, putting a strain on supply chains and requiring a transportation overhaul. In tandem with the need for speed, the utmost care must be taken of the fragile shipments, and up-to-date, detailed, and accurate tracking information must be accessible.

A Partner Who Understands the Meaning of Partnership

Trust is earned. And because we strive to build lasting, successful relationships, our mindset is on mutual appreciation and respect for our business partnerships.

Continuous improvement is our mission

It’s no coincidence Evans leads the industry in customer retention with an average of 10+ years. We never stop looking for new ways to get more from their logistics program.

Custom, dynamic reporting and business intelligence

Too much data can be a bad thing. You tell us what you need to track, and we build reports that do nothing but that. Insight is reviewed with the help of custom, interactive data dashboards.

account management

Our team member retention average is six-plus years. Experience less turnover and more progress, faster. Partner with Evans and gain a true transportation management team.

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