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Ditch administrative stress and focus the drive with Evans’ carrier technology.

Carriers have enough to worry about without concerning themselves with frustrating onboarding processes, late payments, and disappointing customer service. That’s why Evans invests in the best in carrier-specific technology the industry has to offer. With administrative duties streamlined via mobile-optimized solutions drivers on the go, we can focus on strategic improvements that let all parties win.

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We Value Our Carrier Partners

You're busy. We get it. Let Evans make your life easier with top-notch carrier-specific technology and mobile-optimized solutions. That's what we call a win-win. Since 1985.

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“If I had to choose a 3PL to work for, based on their great customer service people, it would be Evans by a mile! After 12 years working for a carrier, I've chatted with a lot of logistics partners, and Evans ROCKS."