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An RFP Q&A With Team Evans

Team Evans

01 November 2023

It’s Request For Proposal, or RFP, season. Are you ready?

Sure, it’s football, basketball, and hockey season, making it a great time of year. It’s also RFP season, and this quarter is when shippers with truckload volumes tend to release their requests for proposals.

 As usual, Evans is here for you. We sat down with our Director of Strategic Sales, Derek Mansur, and Strategic Procurement Manager, Tyler Battle, to discuss the different strategies shippers can implement to secure the best outcome of an RFP.

Click here to read the RFP Q&A, and when you've finished and you want to capitalize on your relationship with Evans, reach out to your Evans representative and learn firsthand what it is to receive the #EX this RFP season!

Team Evans


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