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Announcement From Evans

The Evans Team

14 January 2021

Evans is thrilled to announce the promotion of three of our team members as we kick off 2021.


Ryan Keepman will now be CEO of Evans Transportation and has been with the company for 14 years. Previously the President of Evans, Ryan has played a vital role in creating Evans 2.0 and recent company growth. Born and raised in the logistics industry, we are excited for Ryan to take on this new role for our team.





Jason Mansur joined Evans in 2018 as Chief Operating Officer and immediately added the energy needed to make Evans 2.0 successful. Jason will now be President & COO of Evans Transportation and will bring his extensive experience to run our day-to-day operations. His nimbleness and forward-thinking will come in handy as we adapt to the ever-changing logistics industry.




Finally, we are excited to announce that John Conrad is now Chief Commercial Officer, promoted from his previous role as Vice President – Key Accounts. John joined us in 2014 and currently resides and works in our Chattanooga office. We are lucky to have someone like John on the Evans team, as he brings knowledge and passion to the office every day.



Please join us in congratulating Ryan, Jason, and John as Evans Transportation continues to grow while finding logistics solutions for all of our customers.

The Evans Team


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