Carrier Partnership Spotlight - DTAK, LLC

Team Evans

19 October 2023

Welcome to the newest installment of our "Carrier Spotlight" series, where we are proud to feature DTAK.

Read on to learn more about this relationship and how we provide them with the “EX” (Evans Experience)! We're proud of these partnerships and look forward to sharing more with you.

Under the Spotlight: DTAK, LLC.

Evans Transportation and DTAK

We asked DTAK to tell us a bit about themselves, and here is what they shared with us:

“Our family has been trucking for a long time, and in 2011, the opportunity for us came up, and we took it by starting DTAK in New London, Wisconsin.

Ensuring the customer's needs are always met is the number one priority at DTAK. We see that working as a team and hiring excellent and safe drivers is the key to success.

The biggest challenge we’ve faced -and the hardest thing in the trucking industry- is finding new drivers.

We use brokers to help us keep our trucks rolling so our drivers never wait for loads. The most important thing we look for in a broker would be Trust. We must trust that the broker knows all the details of each shipment and that it will be ready when your trucks show up.

When it comes to a smaller broker like Evans, getting to know your carrier must be the number one priority. Once the broker knows the lanes the carrier likes to run, they can spearhead them and find the carrier loads that work for them, and that's what Evans has done and continues to do for us.

Our pet peeve with brokers is when they call and harass the drivers with multiple calls a day. Thankfully, Evans doesn’t do this!”


A big thanks to DTAK for taking the time to provide us with these details! As always, Evans encourages managed carrier relationships where an experienced rep can be an extension of the carrier's salesforce. With this relationship at the forefront, Evans strives to understand the carrier's operation by becoming familiar with their pain points, bringing a consultative approach to their operations, and maximizing their revenue.

All of the above happens while we provide our carrier partners the “EX”!

If you want to Keep Moving like DTAK, contact us today, and we'll get rolling. 

Team Evans


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