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22 February 2023

In the latest installment of our "Carrier Spotlight" series, we are proud to feature JL Barnett Trucking.

We’re proud of our partnerships and look forward to finding transportation management solutions for our valued partners like J.L. Barnett for many more years.



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We asked J.L. Barnett to tell us a bit about themselves, and this is what they had to say:

“We’re a third-generation, family-run operation that’s been in business for 40-plus years. Since we started the company, our relationships with brokers and customers have been critical to our growth and success. Of course, it hasn't been easy. With all of the changes in the trucking industry (including affordable insurance and DOT regulations), we've had some challenges along the way.

When it comes to brokers, they have access to some things we don't, like contacts in good places. Reliability is the first thing we look for in a broker; if you say you will do something, do it!

Add in our Evans rep, Reese, and we have the reliability we need.

What we like about smaller brokers like Evans is the continued dedication to our relationship, including the first freight opportunity and consistent competitive rates. Evans keeps it simple. If you are a broker, don't make things complicated. The more painstaking it becomes, the less we want to work with them.

Moving forward, some challenges we see in today's market are raising rates to combat rising costs like fuel and maintenance. We hope to balance out challenges like those by continuing to provide fairness and integrity regarding driver retention. We value upfront payroll and company policies, direct communication with drivers on what is expected, and no 'surprises' with holding of payments on payouts."


Thank you, J.L. Barnett, for sharing all of this great information! Evans encourages managed carrier relationships where an experienced rep can be an extension of the carrier's salesforce. With the relationship at the forefront, Evans strives to understand the carrier's operation by becoming familiar with their pain points, bringing a consultative approach to their operations, and maximizing their revenue.

All of the above happens while providing our carrier partners the EX (Evans Experience)!


If you want to Keep Moving like J.L. Barnett, contact us today, and we'll get rolling. 

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