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31 May 2023

Welcome to the newest installment of our "Carrier Spotlight" series, where we are proud to feature Southeastern Freight Lines.

Read on to learn more about this relationship and how we provide them with the “EX” (Evans Experience)! We're proud of these partnerships and look forward to sharing them with you.

UNDER THE SPOTLIGHT: Southeastern Freight Lines




We asked Southeastern Freight Lines to tell us a bit about themselves, and here’s what they had to say:

“Founded in 1950 as a family business, here we are 73 years later with a 4th generation involved! We're located in lovely Lexington, SC.

At Southeastern Freight, it’s all about our culture, grounded in belief alignment and teamwork. Of course, we utilize process improvement in our key measures, which allows us to make wise decisions based on data.

If you were to ask us what the most challenging part of our growth has been, that would be 'not trying to be everything to everyone.' At Southeastern, we focus on what we do well, making us the best and biggest in the Sunbelt.

The most important thing we look for in a 3PL partner is a solid partnership and the ability to understand LTL & carriers, not just pushing from their side but partnering together!

Suppose you want to build a relationship with a regional carrier such as Southeastern Freight. In that case, we recommend spending face-to-face time to learn about each other and how we can work together and grow together! It’s more than transactions at Southeastern.

There are always challenges in our industry. Today's challenges include driver shortage, which is always an issue. Luckily, our owners’ reputation and internal culture allow us to attract and keep the best drivers. It’s expensive to be in the LTL industry with wages, real estate, capital expenditure, insurance, etc., so we must keep our margins healthy and help our clients understand why.


A big thanks to Southeastern Freight for sharing all of this information with us! As always, Evans encourages managed carrier relationships where an experienced rep can be an extension of the carrier's salesforce. With the relationship at the forefront, Evans strives to understand the carrier's operation by becoming familiar with their pain points, bringing a consultative approach to their operations, and maximizing their revenue.

All of the above happens while we provide our carrier partners the “EX”!

If you want to Keep Moving like Southeastern Freight Lines, contact us today, and we'll get rolling. 

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