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Evans in Fast Motion With American Red Cross During Wildfire Season

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10 November 2020

Partnerships provide water to those in need, including the Karuk Tribal Nation.

This wildfire season has proven to be the worst in US history. On September 9, the August Complex became the largest fire in California’s history while the year 2020 has surpassed the record of 3.2 million acres burned - and the season still continues. In light of the ongoing wildfires across the west coast, Evans Transportation launched a partnership with various groups to bring Jason Momoa's Mananalu Pure Water to those displaced by the disasters.  

We transported 120,000 environmentally friendly aluminum water cans in four truckloads across the West Coast affected by wildfires. Partners receiving and distributing these resources were the American Red Cross and the Karuk Tribal Nation.

“This fire devastated our Tribe and our community,” said Karuk Chairman Russell ‘Buster’ Attebery after the Tribe declared a State of Emergency on September 16. “The fire moved so fast that folks had little time to collect essentials before fleeing for their lives. A lot of people have nothing left but the clothes on their backs.”

Aid comes from various organizations to the Karuk people in California, as well as those supported by the American Red Cross in Oregon. Mananalu Pure Water will be delivered to the Roseburg shelter where families and individuals are provided meals, medical care, and additional supplies.


Photo from the American Red Cross

“We frequently say, ‘No single organization can respond to a disaster effectively.’” Said Wes Breazeale with American Red Cross. “We collaborate, integrate systems, and get behind each other to serve families in their worst time. I am inspired by this especially now during everything we are experiencing.”

As our partners have come together in recent months, we are all the more fueled and eager to see the needs of our Western neighbors fulfilled. This supply is executed with the same commitment to speed, trust, and quality to provide relief in real-time. We’re grateful for our partners in allowing us to be a part of their impact in giving those affected a place to rest and recover.

Evans Educates


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