Evans and TIA: Over 35 Years of Working Together

The Evans Team

29 July 2021

At Evans Transportation, we are big believers in building long-lasting partnerships. We've taken this approach since our inception over 35 years ago because it makes us better as a company and improves our industry as a whole.

One of those relationships we’ve had since our beginnings is with TIA (Transportation Intermediaries Association). Whether it be education or certification, they support the third-party logistics community and help advance our business.

CharlieK_450Charlie Keepman, Evans Founder & Chairman, recently sat down with TIA and answered some questions they had about why he’s found the relationship so valuable and why we’ve been a TIA member for so long.


How has the industry changed since you first joined TIA 

The industry is increasingly technology/automation-driven. The days of handwritten orders and faxing are long over. Additionally, starting in this business, we were responsible for every single task in the process, from sales through operations through receivables. At that time, there weren't any really large brokerages either, and there were high barriers to entry before de-regulation.

In what ways has TIA changed? 

Initially, TIA was more about networking and education and has grown into a larger organization with tremendous expertise and lobbying abilities and has standardized the legal documentation throughout the industry.

What about TIA is special to you

Being the largest educational arm of our industry.  Great provider of resources for brokers of all sizes. 

What has encouraged your company to continue your TIA Membership all of these years? 

We appreciate the consistency of TIA and as a true representative of our industry and not just individual brokers. Recognition as a long-term member of our industry is important to us. We have an extremely loyal customer base. Longevity is a vital part of who we are.

How did you get your start in the industry? 

I began working with a small intermodal agency in 1981.  I saw a tremendous opportunity for freight brokerage, but regulation prevented many of the ideas I wanted to pursue.  When de-regulation occurred, it opened up a whole new world. 

What is your favorite thing about being a broker? 

 Helping customers.  Earning business.  Having fun.

What kind of advice do you have for new brokers? 

This is an effort business, regardless of technology. Effort will make you successful. You genuinely have to care about your customers.

Why should a broker who is not a TIA Member join the Association? 

 Brokers should join TIA to accelerate their learning curve and leverage all of their expertise to protect and grow their business.


About TIA: TIA Is The Trusted Voice For Third-Party Logistic Companies of All Sizes. It provides leadership and direction for the 3PL industry and professionals to advance professional standards and business practices, including the overall image and credibility of the profession and its ultimate contribution to society. TIA serves more than 1,700 third-party logistics members and helps them better manage their companies for growth and profitability. No other association provides more ways for third-party logistics professionals to grow, connect, and protect their business.

The Evans Team


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