Carrier Partnership Spotlight – NVA Transportation

Team Evans

12 July 2022

In the latest installment of our "Carrier Spotlight" series, we are proud to feature NVA Transportation.

We're proud of these partnerships and look forward to finding transportation management solutions for our valued partners for many more years!

Steve Paletz, Senior Carrier Procurement Representative at Evans Transportation, works directly with Nikki Casian at NVA Transportation. The following are the most critical points when it comes to a managed relationship like the one we have with NVA:

  • Evans encourages managed carrier relationships where an experienced rep can be an extension of the carrier's salesforce.
  •  With the relationship at the forefront, Evans will learn to understand the carrier operation: 
    • Understanding their network and pain points while bringing a consultative approach to the carrier's operations.
    • Maximizing their revenue possibilities, optimizing their current network, and narrowing on savings Evans can pass back to our carrier partners.
    • All of the above is happening while we provide the EX (Evans Experience) to our carrier partner(s)!

We asked Nikki to tell us a bit about NVA, and here's what she had to say: 

NVA has been in business for 11 years, and we continue to love developing the logistics industry in America! We owe our focus on honesty, hard work, teamwork, commitment, and responsiveness to our current success, and we don't plan on changing that focus anytime soon. All of the above said, the most significant challenges we have seen in our growth have been finding responsible drivers and the right team members that fit the NVA mold. We continue to build a family atmosphere for our drivers and team members, hoping that will increase retention across the board. 

We use brokers because they help us find good loads at reasonable prices for our drivers, and in the long run, they help us make solid business connections. When it comes to brokers -like Evans- we look for honesty, an easy-going approach, and the ability to negotiate. (Lying about small details, such as appointment times, dimensions, and destinations, won't work for NVA!) For smaller brokers like Evans, we typically look for them to be on top of every load, providing the best service possible.



A huge thanks to Nikki for sharing all of this great info about NVA Transportation. We hope to continue working together for years to come and provide them with the EX Evans is known for along the way! 

If you want to Keep Moving Forward like NVA Transportation, contact us today, and we'll get rolling. 

Team Evans


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