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Evans Does “Blocking and Tackling” for COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

The Evans Team

24 February 2021

As Operation Warp Speed began last year, Evans Transportation wasn't sure if we would be involved in getting the COVID-19 vaccine to Americans. In the end, we found ourselves playing a behind-the-scenes role as part of the distribution process.

In the fall, Evans learned that a customer of ours needed to provide materials that would ultimately hold a large volume of COVID-19 vaccine in a storage facility.

"There was a need to store mass-produced coronavirus vaccine before distribution," said Kyle Steel, VP of Client Solutions at Evans. “Once given the green light, the final destination would be able to begin distribution so that we couldn't be late on the front end. Any delay getting material from suppliers to our customer could jeopardize manufacturing the storage system in time."

Some of the facts:

  • The customer reached out to Evans in August.
  • Strategic planning sessions (including many late nights) to visualize customer objectives and find the best supply chain solution.
  • Evans presented transportation costs to the customer.
  • Shipments took place between early September throughout late October.
  • Evans delivered a total of 99 Truckloads to the storage location.
  • Evans helped move approximately 4.1M lbs. of storage supplies.
  • Managed all logistics using Evans 2.0 Technology that provided all parties critical visibility throughout.


When it comes to being a part of something as important as the vaccine rollout, Evans is proud to play our role. "We feel like we did more than just help get storage materials to the location," stated Steel. "Knowing the importance of this order, within two or three weeks, we were starting to move product to their destination. The 'blocking and tackling' on the front end of a project like this is essential to things not getting messy on the back end. I'm proud of everyone at Evans that was a part of making this happen."

As Operation Warp Speed and the vaccine rollout continue to pick up speed all across the country, Evans will be ready to do more "blocking and tackling" as opportunities present themselves. We look forward to whatever comes next.

The Evans Team


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