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Committed to a “service-first” experience, Evans eliminates “Broker Poker.”

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28 September 2021

We've been touting that Evans is genuinely different from our competition for a while now. Approximately three years, to be exact. Well, we’re back to say we’re walking the walk for our carrier partners. Here’s how:

No more “Broker Poker”

Effective September 1st, Evans has made a company-wide decision to focus on what the industry refers to as customer-specific pricing contracts. In other words, Evans does not solicit nor manage transactional LTL clients. Evans made this pivotal decision to support our carriers in an explosive LTL environment and help their strategic partners maintain profitable and reliable networks. “It was a simple decision,” stated President and COO Jason Mansur. “Our carriers need our support right now, and that comes through eliminating lanes that do not work." He continued, "These carrier partners have been instrumental to our success, and we owe it to them to help ensure long-term sustainable relationships." Evans made this change before Labor Day, which enabled us to plan for the holiday weekend.

Evans will not provide price quotes for businesses soliciting more than five brokers or carriers per transaction. John Conrad, Chief Commercial Officer, said, "We call it ‘Broker Poker’ at Evans when shippers seek dozens of rates per transaction. Time is money, and that is why Evans has created client partner ecosystems that both ensure competitive pricing arrangements and process efficiencies that drive profitable long-term goals for both Evans and our clients." Evans is saying no to “Broker Poker” and will remain focused on partners who have committed to driving decade-plus value streams.

We are living the “EX”

This change enables Evans to deeply partner with other 3PL's relative to larger rate shops with an agent network. “Evans has no interest in fighting off our competition, but instead embracing those that add value to their customers’ supply chains,” said CEO Ryan Keepman. “It comes down to a long-term solution, and while consistent reviews, tweaks, and even new strategies unfold over time, it is about our customers’ demand to meet expectations. This is why we cannot talk enough about the Evans Experience – “EX” - experiential excellence is our future, and we are living it,” Keepman stated.

Peak planning with Evans

What’s that Ricky Bobby line? If You Ain't First, You're Last!” The importance of overall Supply Chain and Peak planning has never been more critical. Sure, it’s never too late to plan, but if you haven’t started yet, you’re behind.

With Evans and the EX (Evans Experience), we’re all peak prepared!

If you want to hear more about the results and the positive impact this can have on your business, reach out to your Evans contact today.

Better yet, talk to our clients if you want a firsthand perspective!

When it comes to your transportation management, we’re ready to make you another long-tenured Evans partner.

Evans Educates


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