Wisconsin’s 3PL? You betcha!

The Evans (Wisconsin’s 3PL) Team

08 March 2023

Flashback to 1985; our founder, Charlie Keepman, drives a truck and delivers veal feed to farms throughout southeast rural Wisconsin.

Chief Executive Officer Ryan Keepman remembers it vividly.

"I recall sitting in the cab next to him and didn't even know if he was allowed to drive a truck. The jury is out on if he had a Commercial Driver's License. But here we are!"




Whether or not Charlie had a CDL is a topic for another blog. In the meantime, we wanted to share why Evans has earned the title "Wisconsin's 3PL" in the last 38 years.

  • Evans Transportation Services, Inc. was founded in 1985 in Hartland, Wisconsin
  • We created a custom TMS in the '90s in our office above a carpet shop
  • Just last year, Evans arranged over 320k pickups and 112k deliveries in Wisconsin for over 400+ customers in America's Dairyland
  • Every year we move nearly 30k shipments within Wisconsin

  • 95 of our current customers are headquartered in Wisco, and we used 1432 carriers with WI Headquarters in 2022

  • Last year Evans moved nearly 500 million lbs. of products for Wisconsin customers, including (literal) tons of beer and cheese. How Wisconsin is that?!

  • Evans Currently employs dozens of Wisconsinites, and our employees here have an average tenure of  seven years, approximately 4x the industry average

  • All of the above results in millions  of dollars in wages, taxes, and reinvestment in our beloved Wisconsin communities

  • Speaking of communities, Evans donates hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to Wisconsin-based individuals and organizations in need through our Evans Makes A Difference initiative


Beyond the statistics listed above, Evans remains a family-owned, private company and continues to provide the EX -Evans Experience- to every one of our customers, whether in Wisconsin or not. Since 1985 we've been running on hustle and heart, and we don't plan on changing that anytime soon. 

And speaking of 1985, let's ask Charlie about that CDL!


Learn more about the Evans story here.

The Evans (Wisconsin’s 3PL) Team


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