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Evans Makes a Difference: Ugandan Water Project Borehole Trip Winner

Team Evans

22 July 2022

Evans Transportation Services remains vested in giving back and creating a difference in lives around the world.

We established our partnership with Ugandan Water Project three years ago. During that three-year partnership, Evans has helped with over 20 water projects in Uganda.

These projects were either rehabilitation of inoperable wells or building rainwater collection systems. Both solutions bring clean water to the communities near the vicinity of the project locations!


On top of this, as part of the Evans Experience for our team members, we nominate one employee as the Borehole Florida trip winner every month, allowing an all-expense paid trip to Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. We asked a recent winner, Riley Martin, a few questions about this initiative and his Evans Experience.

Tell us how this works…

I was fortunate enough to be the October 2021 winner and decided to head to Florida in March 2022. In honor of the winner, the necessary funds to rehabilitate a water borehole as part of the Ugandan Water Project are donated in the winner's name for their dedication to their work at Evans. 


How would you describe the experience?

One word to describe the experience is “connecting.” Having the Keepman family to show us great hospitality, connecting with fellow employees in the area, and being humbled by the ability to contribute to something greater than my work at Evans. It is special to know my work means something not only at Evans but worldwide.


Why is it important for a company like Evans to be involved in something like this?

The Borehole trip allows Evans employees to see that their work is essential, not just for the people at Evans, but in places that need the support of a great company like Evans. The more success Evans and its employees have, the more we can contribute and pay it forward.


What would you say to other Evans team members if they are fortunate to win this?

Take advantage of your surroundings; the Destin area is beautiful, with many beaches, forest hikes, food, golf, and activities. Supporting the Ugandan Water Project matters to Evans and to our patrons across the industry. Delivering the Evans Experience will be best served by being your best, meaning rewarding hard work with fun and relaxation.


Thanks to Riley for sharing this with us! We look forward to continuing to partner with the Ugandan Water Project and providing the Evans Experience for all our customers and team members.

Learn more about our culture and current career opportunities, and contact us if you have any questions.

Team Evans


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