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Evans Radio Spot on WTMJ

The Evans Team

12 January 2021

If you’re driving around the southeastern part of Wisconsin these days and listening to WTMJ, you may hear a silky smooth voice coming out of your radio.

No, that’s not Barry White. Or Casey Kasem. Or Ryan Seacrest. It’s our very own Ryan Keepman.

We’re proud of being a Brookfield-based company that has provided transportation and supply chain solutions for nearly 4 decades strong, so it’s always fun to get our message out there in our own backyard. Take a listen and enjoy!


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Most manufacturers shop around for transportation services each year looking for a better deal. The average customer retention is 10 years at Evans Transportation Services. And that says a lot. In fact, it’s unheard of. Evans has been family owned for 40 years but we continue to grow. Our tech team can get a new partner up and running in about two weeks thanks to speedy implementation of our own technology. Thank heavens for Evans. Rely on one company for accounting, shipping, and tracking. Evans Transportation Services in Brookfield.

The Evans Team


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