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Evans Transportation Earns Top Workplace Award

Team Evans

12 May 2022

We’re proud to continue to provide the Evans Experience for our team

Evans is happy to announce that we've been named one of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's 2022 Top Workplaces. We're honored -and pumped!- that our team is getting the recognition they deserve.


Every day at Evans, we focus on providing the Evans Experience for our customers and our team members, so receiving an award such as this makes all of our efforts worth it!

“Creating more and better leaders is critical to our success as a people-first business. Our people make the culture, and we empower them to be their authentic selves. Our team defines Evans's current culture and DNA.” -Ryan Keepman, CEO


How is the Top Workplaces list determined?

Top Workplaces winners are determined by who? Those who know your organization best: your employees. The Top Workplace program starts with capturing their feedback on what matters most about your culture. The Top Workplaces program starts with capturing their feedback on what matters most about your culture. Workplace Survey measures 15 culture drivers organized into four themes or "imperatives." Scoring well on these statements indicates a healthy organization, which means more engaged employees and better business results. We also measure what we call The Basics, The Leader, and Engagement. Each of the statements is measured using a seven-point Likert scale, from "Strongly Disagree" to "Neutral" and "Strongly Agree." 

Thanks to the Journal Sentinel for the opportunity to earn this award and, more importantly, thanks to every member of the Evans Team for making this happen!

Team Evans


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