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Logistics Tech Outlook Awards Evans Transportation Services

Team Evans

07 December 2022

Evans Transportation Awarded Top 10 Freight Management Solutions Providers in 2022

In case you missed it, earlier this year, CEO Ryan Keepman and COO Jason Mansur sat down with Logistics Tech Outlook to discuss the logistics industry and what makes Evans special. 

Back in 1985, when Marty Johnson and Charlie Keepman set the foundation of Evans Transportation Services to streamline and optimize supply chain logistics, the duo decided to foster a people-first culture. They amassed a team of experts having unequaled knowledge and experience in developing sophisticated, turnkey innovations to create an unimaginable Evans Experience (EX) for customers.


Evans Logistics Tech Outlook


The company reinvented itself in 2018 through complete digital transformation and debuted proprietary, best-in-class, and completely configurable technology. Evans' end-to-end transportation management system (TMS) is today used by a diverse range of shippers across North America. It helps clients gain complete control over their shipping network, realize hard and soft cost savings, and maintain their reputation. "At Evans, we have always focused our investments on cultivating an employee-oriented culture to provide better customer service, and we will continue to do so in the future as well," asserts Ryan Keepman, who is currently donning the role of the CEO at Evans. "Due to our commitment to create value for customers, we can ensure an average customer retention rate of nine-plus years. They can just outsource transportation management to Evans and enjoy tremendous cost savings and speed."

By combining the latest transportation technology with human intelligence, Evans has developed its revolutionary TMS that constitutes numerous solutions like less-than-truckload (LTL), full truckload (FTL), parcel optimization, and other specialty solutions for expedite, heavy/over-dimensional, intermodal, international, and air shipment. The company also offers an LTL portal and dynamic, interactive reporting dashboard that streamlines shipment networks and provides actionable data and analytics reports and visuals, respectively. The dashboard's insights help businesses make well-informed business decisions regarding shipping, order quantities, and more.

"Our solutions provide clients with end-to-end real-time visibility into their logistics, transportation, and supply chain," says Jason Mansur, COO, Evans. "It helps them eliminate the uncertainties they have in their business network and make the best decisions for their business." Evans' innovative, economical, and responsive transportation management solutions can also be integrated into an organization's incumbent solutions and ecosystem. "We exchange purchase order information and order level details to create logistics, routing decisions on clients' behalf. We bring automation to their processes that were commonly manual prior to engaging with us," Mansur adds.

Evans also allows clients to ensure cost savings with minimal supply chain disruptions by blending incumbent carriers with Evans-select carriers. Instead of impelling clients to completely overhaul their existing transportation solutions, the company allows them to replace the carrier options that do not work properly. "We call it the 4PL model. It's not just about managing transportation but ensuring the most value for clients," Keepman asserts. More importantly, Evans follows a collaborative approach while engaging with clients. Its experienced team works in liaison with businesses to conduct an in-depth analysis of their overall cost and process. "We then initiate the technology implementation process," explains Keepman. "The entire collaboration takes place through a project management software that holds both teams accountable. And the entire procedure is completed within an average timeline of two to six weeks." Furthermore, clients are not only supported by the Evans team but also by a tactical account manager, key account manager, salesperson, and an executive, each working to deliver the best business outcomes.

Evans's dedication to providing optimum customer service was best reflected during the raging COVID-19 pandemic. The company was quick in moving its business to a virtual environment through Zoom and Microsoft Teams that ensured constant communication with employees, clients, and stakeholders. With its value proposition sharpened by the tough times, Evans aggressively strives ahead and raises the bar by exploring and incorporating newer technologies into its portfolio. The company is also recruiting more talent to deliver the EX they are proud of. "We are already very close to achieving a scheduled growth of 25 to 30 percent in the upcoming months. Our focus will always remain on delivering the best service to our customers and helping them become successful leaders in their respective markets," concludes Mansur.

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