Some Call it “Heavy Haul.” We Call it Specialized Transportation.

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05 August 2021

We’ve all been behind one of these on the road. Some will have a “WIDE LOAD” sign on the back of them, some will have escorts in front and back. Others will be something so big and foreign-looking that everyone who passes it will wonder what the heck it is.

Here at Evans Transportation, we've been in the heavy haul business for years. So long that we don't refer to it as simply "heavy haul" anymore, as we've been around long enough to see this category evolve the last four decades. We prefer to call this type of logistics solution "specialized transportation," and we'd like to share some of the knowledge we've gained in this category in hopes that you'll team with Evans to find the best solution for you and your business.

First off, specialized transportation encompasses more than just heavy hauling and oversized freight. As you'll know from driving on interstates, they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. These include heavy, wide, tall, long, sensitive, hazmat, specialty or custom trailers, and multimodal, to name a few.

The particulars of moving loads like this involve careful planning and attention to detail because the fact is that every load is different, even if it’s an identical piece. Moving loads like these require drivers, dispatchers, operations teams, and sales teams knowledgeable in the requirements for this type of transport. Again, the more people involved, the more you need attention to detail.

Specialized transportation loads require in-depth knowledge of equipment, laws and permitting, maps and routing, and a broad network of people involved in the multiple moving pieces. When moving loads like these, you're not just booking a truck; you're coordinating trucks, escorts, police, cranes, bucket trucks, and other people all involved. It's a team effort that requires a lot of coordination, planning, and communication. Having a well-trained and experienced team can mean the difference between a successful, safe, and on-time delivery and numerous issues along the way.

In the end, it comes down to the people involved, and it's an area of this industry that will always have people immersed in every step of the process, from the sale and quote to the moment the load is delivered. As we always say at Evans, technology is fantastic, but it's truly the people who make the real difference.

Evans Transportation has specialized transportation experts for these types of loads, and make no mistake about it, you've got to be wired a certain way to excel in this niche sector. According to Josh Rivers, Heavy Haul Procurement at Evans, "Moving specialized loads requires a unique person with a passion for this industry. It requires more than just an interest in trucking and logistics. Someone that looks at every load like a personal project, not just a job, someone that gets satisfaction in being part of the process moving unique and challenging loads every day.”

 Moving these loads requires experience and Evans Transportation has a highly experienced team working in this sector.  We’ll continue to position ourselves not just to succeed today but to excel in the future, continuing to be a leader in specialized transportation. You can bet on Evans remaining at the forefront of this sector because not only will we have the latest technology available, but we'll have experienced people behind that technology.

 Need to move something heavy, wide, tall, long, etc.? Give Evans a call and ask for a Specialized Transportation Specialist. We’ll find the best solution for you and keep things moving forward for you and your business.

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