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How Evans Approaches Changes in the Market

Evans Educates

08 July 2022

The never-ending battle between contractual and spot pricing is again at the forefront.

With executive pressures to obtain guaranteed capacity, shipping teams secured the capacity but at record rates.

The positive is that route guide adherence is making a solid comeback and almost to pre-pandemic levels. The only downside is growing fuel costs; added expenses have pushed transportation budgets to go bust again.

The dry van spot market has hit a two-year low by combining contractual business increases and owner-operators switching back to major asset carriers. The challenge as a shipper is how to balance the two strategies properly.

There are many ways in which Evans is making an impact with our clients. Below is a high-level view of just a few of those opportunities:

  • Education is critical to understanding additional steps for the most desirable outcome.
    • What is the industry doing, what opportunities do we see, and what does the future hold?
    • Not only are we educating clients directly, but we are educating our team at all levels of the organization.
  • As pressure eases up, now is the time to focus on carrier service levels.
    • Are the carriers sticking to their contractual obligations, is on-time performance improving, or have damages decreased?
  • Keeping a focus on optimal contractual commitments and spot opportunities.
    • Do you have a properly diversified carrier portfolio?
  • As shippers find employee retention and hiring difficult, we can take on some of the pressures for you through technology and further resources. Just ask us how!

As you navigate your business, ask yourself if you have a true transportation consultant like Evans Transportation? In a world where everyone is looking to find the next dollar, it is hard to find someone who looks out for your best interest.

At Evans, we focus on what is best for our clients. If you do not have a true consultant, connect with an Evans team member and learn what the #EvansExperience is today!

Evans Educates


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