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Industry Update: Q3 2023

Evans Educates

23 October 2023

Sing it with us: "And it's freight…freight fallin'!"

Don't mind us. Once we get a song in our head, it isn't easy to get it out!

Whether or not you're a fan of Tom Petty or Autumn, you'll enjoy our latest quarterly industry update. Our team once again looked at current industry trends and put together some analysis for you and your business. As you'll read, when it comes to freight, we're not necessarily in the harvesting time, but instead, we're in the time for sowing and tending to the seeds.

In pressured times, focusing and knowing where to look can be difficult. Knowing and understanding the current state is half the battle. Evans is here for you.

Click here to read our 2023 Q3 review, "Freight Falling," and when you've finished and want to capitalize on your relationship with Evans, reach out to your Evans representative and learn firsthand what it is to receive the #EX in 2023!

Evans Educates


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