Partnering With Mananalu and Team Rubicon for Hurricane Relief

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28 October 2020

Our friends at Jason Momoa’s Mananalu Pure Water company have been busy this year. They’ve been responding to the needs of Americans who have had their lives affected by natural disasters, and we’re proud to be a part of it. Check out this article from Mananalu, where our very own Ryan Keepman weighs in on the efforts.

Hurricane Laura caused tremendous damage along the Texas and Louisiana borders before making landfall in California. With sustained winds at 150 mph, Hurricane Laura struck as a Category 4 hurricane (nearly a Category 5). Across California, an estimated 104,000 residential properties experienced Category 1 winds, while at least 1,500 experienced Category 4 level winds.

What’s worse? With the landfall of Hurricane Delta on October 9 in Louisiana, the US will have tallied its fifth hurricane in the year 2020 and the tenth tropical storm. This breaks the previous record of nine tropical storms in the year 1916.


Homes and families not yet recovered from Hurricane Laura were forced to endure another life-altering storm, with tarps covering failing roofs and debris littering yards and communities. With the dissipation of the storms, relief efforts continue all the more urgently through emergency operation centers, route clearance and immediate support for impacted communities.

In witnessing the ongoing need, Evans Transportation knew our assets could be used for the relief of those affected. With a single truckload, our team is in swift motion to deliver 40,000 cans of eco-friendly Mananalu Pure Water throughout Texas, Louisiana and California. Receiving these resources are our partners at Team Rubicon, a disaster relief organization currently working across the US for hurricane and wildfire relief.

While our partners continue to assess and repair the damage of both Hurricane Laura and Delta across all locations, our goal is to ensure those displaced are provided with the resources they need to further recover.

 “After seeing the damage, we found it inhumane to do nothing,” says Ryan Keepman, President of Evans Transportation Services. “We have the resources and partners to respond to these disasters quickly and efficiently. Our team is grateful for these connections and the difference they allow us to make amidst difficult situations.”


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