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Meet the Team: Amber Karabegovic

The Evans Team

07 October 2021

Check out the latest in our “Meet the Team” series featuring the recently promoted and fearless Amber.

Say hello to Amber Karabegovic, our new Customer Service Supervisor. Though she’s only been with us for approximately one year, Amber has shown great ambition and passion at Evans.

Work history:

Amber has spent her entire adult life in customer service in one way or another. She was an assistant manager at Walgreens for nine years before becoming a customer service supervisor at a carbon company in Menomonee Falls.

Her approach:

She’s motivated and generally fearless when it comes to taking on new tasks and asking questions. She isn’t afraid to make a mistake and learn from it, which helps develop new processes and ideas at Evans.

The value Amber brings to Evans:

Industry average service levels have declined over the last year. We knew that customer service was more important than ever with call times and the number of calls needed to carriers and customers. Our goal is to relay accurate information as early as possible and to offer short-term solutions and long-term trend analysis to mitigate the risk of failures moving forward. Amber jumped at the chance to help us further define and implement those processes.

What keeps her going?

Amber is passionate about continued learning and growth, not only for herself but for the entire team. Finding the most effective and efficient ways to do things is what she prides herself in.

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Personal life?

She loves spending time with her family, friends, crafting, and doing yoga. She lives in Menomonee Falls with her husband, two daughters, and recently got a dog that they love (although it’s still destroying everything in sight at the moment!).

On her recent promotion:

Her boss, Paul Volkman, had this to say: “I’m excited to announce Amber Karabegovic as our new Customer Service Supervisor at HQ! In this role, Amber will be overseeing our tracking and tracing team and maintaining Account Manager status for certain accounts she has today."

In her short time at Evans thus far, Amber has proven that she will be a critical part of our team moving forward, and we're lucky to have her!

The Evans Team


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