Truck Driver Appreciation Week

The Evans Team

13 September 2021

This week is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, and on behalf of everyone here at Evans, we want to thank all the drivers who sacrifice and work hard to keep this Nation moving!

From September 12th-September 18th we, along with many others in the transportation industry, will be celebrating America’s Truck Drivers.

Without truck drivers’ efforts, especially over the last 18 months, goods would not have gotten where and when they were needed. We sincerely thank them for pushing through what has been a trying year and a half for everyone in the country.

There are over 3.6 million professional drivers out there delivering the goods that we rely on. These men and women spend countless days away from home to ensure American continues to run smoothly. With over 72% of goods in the U.S. transported by truck, almost everything we buy was made possible by a driver.

The next time you’re at a rest stop, gas station or maybe a fast-food place – thank a driver! Buy their drink, their meal or even just a simple thank you will go a long way.

Without all the great drivers out there, it would not be possible for us to deliver the Evans #EX experience to our clients.


Thank you truck drivers, from all of us here at Evans!

The Evans Team


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