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27 April 2022

Evans has the technology partners to Keep You Moving Forward smoothly, efficiently, and confidently.

Evans prides itself on the ability to integrate to any of our customers' ERP or eCommerce systems.

While we prefer API connections, EDI and Flat File integrations are commonplace. Reducing the manual effort needed to keep things moving through the supply chain and providing the highest levels of visibility on carrier selection, transit times, tracking shipments, and invoicing allow our customers to focus on their key business operations and Evans to focus on the exceptions.

We hear a lot of customers say “We don’t use our ERP the same way that someone else does so integrating is probably going to take a lot of effort”, but truthfully, the information needed to run their business is usually found quite quickly and we seamlessly weave our technology into their existing business practices to give them the tools they need to make great decisions for their organizations.

We find that most customers have had a lot of challenges starting and solving integration challenges so we’ve created an integration hub that holds base code language, step-by-step instructions, and even an instant testing portal. We know that working with each ERP technical support team can be costly and time-consuming so we have developed an industry-leading integration portal to put the work in the hands of the IT teams that know the business and its goals rather than the ERP development team.

Are you looking for seamless integration for your organization? You've come to the right place.

  • Evans' Interactive API Integration Hub makes ERP integrations fast and easy
  • Custom ERP integration solutions for EDI and Flat File
  • Specializing in heavily modified or homegrown ERP systems
  • Tech-focused on providing visibility and speed while full support of Evans' experienced team members offering opportunities to improve

Is it time for your organization to join forces with the 3PL with top-tier technology partners? Contact Evans today to Keep Moving Forward.

Evans Educates


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