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Shipping Truck Parts: The Evans Difference

Joe Pietrzak

12 December 2018

When it comes to shipping truck parts, we combine decades of industry knowledge with cutting-edge technology.

Transporting truck parts involves a host of special considerations. Meeting contract deadlines, evaluating mode options — there are a lot of variables behind shipping truck parts.

Your relationships with manufacturers and sellers depend on timely delivery. Add in rising shipping costs, the pressure is on to make your deadlines without decimating your shipping budget. But with industry insight and technology on your side, optimizing truck parts shipping is possible.

The trifecta of truck parts shipping: cost, time and effectiveness.

From original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and customer-specific products to aftermarket, you need your freight delivered in a cost-sensitive, timely, and effective manner. Let’s put it this way: delivering a windshield fast doesn’t matter if it arrives in 3 pieces.

With customer-specific components, you are working with the precise line-sequencing process that determines what components you need to deliver and exactly when they need to arrive at the manufacturer. Manufacturers looking to reduce storage with just-in-time delivery are relying on you. And the pressure for on-time delivery does not let up for aftermarket products. While aftermarket products might be destined for a shelf, often the demands are for immediate replacement parts.

The industry-wide push to make 80% delivery within two business days from order to end store is our specialty. As a truck parts supplier, you are constantly faced with the challenge of meeting industry shipping standards without compromising your bottom line. We are well-versed in calculating the costs around that 48-hour timeframe while taking into account all possible transportation options.

Weighing the best method for your OEM shipping requires looking at all of the variables. Working across all modes — from parcel package to airfreight next day or same day — will yield the most cost-effective solution for you. For OEM parts, you are weighing your contract expectations against multiple mode options. The best way to get a handle on all of your options is to use a TMS to get a streamlined look across all modes.

Pricing is set up in our name, on behalf of our customers.

Versatility: reducing your shipping costs, from custom modes to your most mundane package shipment needs.

With truck parts shipping, you may need to consider a wide variety of shipping options, from parcel, LTL, and TL, to volume, air, and container. Some of our clients use all of these options; others just select a few. Customization of modes may offer cost and time savings as well. The differentiator of using a 3PL pricing is the ability to negotiate your shipping options. Pricing is set up in our name, on behalf of our customers. We negotiated national pricing with a plethora of multi-modal providers. Market rates for TL pulse, accounts for air freight carriers — we can get you rates within the hour. Through our TMS, this is all at your fingertips.

Making a world-class TMS usable technology for your team.

Your ERP system may offer a TMS module. You can purchase it, but then you’re looking at costs for hiring an entire staff to manage it. By using a 3PL, our highly-trained employees become your TMS department. Taking historical pricing data and leveraging our volume buying power results in savings overall. But beyond that, we can offer dynamic, interactive reporting. For inbound traffic management, TMS is an essential tool. Because a TMS supports constant visibility throughout the supply chain process, you’re on top of all of your shipping. When time makes all the difference, an intuitive, effective TMS offers a critical edge.

Experience the Evans difference.

Evans expertise in the OEM and aftermarket business arena allows us to meet your expectations in shipping truck parts. In our many years of experience, we have aligned with the top vendors of truck manufacturers. From mundane to complex, we have capabilities across all modes in the truck parts shipping industry. You might not know that Evans was a rubber on the road carrier in the past. At 33 years strong, we have evolved from the days when we spec’d trucks out to technology-driven 3PL. With our experience and technology-forward approach, we are taking shipping truck parts to the next level.

Joe Pietrzak

Joe is a VP of Key Accounts at Evans Transportation.


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