Transitioning from Evans 1.0 to Evans 2.0: Our Team Members' Experiences

The Evans Team

24 March 2021

Evans is a big-time believer in growing together, and our transition from Evans 1.0 to Evans 2.0 has been a success on many levels. We wanted you to see what some of our team members that have gone through the evolution thought about some of the changes, and how it has affected our culture. Here’s what they had to say…

Paul Volkman, Director of Operations

  • Evans has always hired talented individuals to fill various roles within the organization. However, what has changed within the organization since Evans 2.0 is a developed/ structured path for those individuals to continue to grow, seek new opportunities internally, and continue to contribute to the organization as we continue to grow. New hires aren't made to fill a role or current need but instead for potential and growth within the organization, creating a culture with an eye on the future.
  • The transition from Evans 1.0 to Evans 2.0 brought a shift in the transparency for the overall health of the business. Leadership is communicating the state of the organization (good or bad) to the employees, letting them know the efforts they put in every day directly correlate to the overall success of the business to help motivate departments and identify areas of improvement.
    • Personal recognition is now given during these meetings providing incentives for those recognized for their hard work and efforts.
    • Additional initiatives (bonuses, 401K match, spot bonuses, and more PTO days) have been afforded to employees to drive a positive and healthy culture.
    • Not losing sight of Evans' humble beginnings, leadership has also maintained a philanthropic approach to helping those in need in surrounding communities and the world.
    • Along with a change in talent acquisitions and maintaining a philanthropic approach to business, there's been a shift in Evans' focus. From sales to operations to accounting, there has been a concerted effort shifting focus from how to maintain/sustain customers to growth-centric initiatives that benefit current business and help Evans adapt to future opportunities.


Jessica Eynon, VP - Enterprise Systems

  • During 1.0, there was a delay in implementing or even trying new ideas due to the layers of approval needed. We no longer have that issue. We have the support to work as a team and kick off new initiatives if we believe there is value to our teams.
  • Open communication. Everyone used to be afraid to discuss concerns, wants, and needs openly with their managers for fear of "being fired" or getting on someone's "list." We are now an open-door company where constant open and honest communication is appreciated, supported, and requested.
  • The flexibility. When I started, working from home was not allowed, like the type of not allowed that it was in our handbook that you couldn't. Nowadays, Evans offers a flexible work/home vibe. Not only is it now allowed, but often it is recommended to ensure everyone can focus on their mental health and family happiness.


Zach O'Haver, Director - Accounting

  • Transparency: With 2.0, we've seen transparency in the overall business, which we did not have in 1.0. This is a result of Town Halls or weekly L10 (management) meetings.
    • Town Halls – A segment of the Town Halls goes over the business's financial side, which gives everyone at Evans insight to precisely know where the company stands and a comparison to previous months/years. Two other segments are New Business and Shout Outs. New Business continues to show that Evans is not content and is continuing to grow. Shout Outs give direct recognition to employees in front of their peers. In 1.0, we did not see employees recognized, and it felt as if you went unnoticed. 2.0 brings the great work done to light.
    • L10 – These management meetings provide more detail than the high-level Town Halls. We get to see exactly what each department is currently working on and forecasts for the future.
  • Advancement: As 2.0 continues to grow, advancement opportunities continue to arise. We've seen the creation of many new positions such as KAM, Senior Account Manager, and Billing Manager.
  • Investments: 2.0 continues to invest heavily in technology, allowing us to move faster and become more efficient. I've seen investments not only in technology but direct investments into people as well. Dale Carnegie is a course I've taken as well as others for leadership and relationship building. We've also seen the introduction to the Educational Reimbursement Program, which was not present in 1.0.


If you want to be a part of Evans 2.0 and beyond, check out our current positions in Brookfield, Minneapolis, Chattanooga, and Santa Rosa Beach, FL. If you have any questions about anything Evans-related just contact us, we’d love to hear from you!

The Evans Team


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