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Meet the Team: Brittany Brinkman

Team Evans

31 August 2022

Say hello to Brittany Brinkman, Senior Carrier Procurement Representative at Evans. Learn more about one of our "Women of Evans" and what makes her tick!

What is your experience prior to Evans?

I worked at a pharmaceutical supplier in Customer Service.


What's your favorite hobby?

Bowling, our whole family are bowlers.


Fave food/drink or dessert?

How can you ever go wrong with BBQ Wings? (We realize this is a rhetorical question, but you can't ever go wrong with wings. Ever.)


Bonus fun fact:

In our spare time, we like to adventure off with the kids and ride dirt bikes and four-wheelers.


What is your favorite part about working at Evans?

The people! The people you work with are absolutely amazing. It really doesn’t feel like “work”. 


What does the EX (Evans Experience) mean to you?

It means providing a good experience with every interaction. It means leaving our legacy and being rememberable.


Connect with Brittany on LinkedIn.

Team Evans Keeps us Moving Forward. We appreciate each and every one of you when it comes to providing the Evans Experience to all of our customers and partners! Need a transportation management solution? Contact Evans today.

Team Evans


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