Real Talk About Non-Competes in the Logistics Industry

Team Evans

08 June 2022

We’re passionate about eliminating non-competes in transportation management.

Evans is passionate about several things. It's why we are consistently named to the Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing Companies and named a Top Workplace by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel earlier this year.

However, none of the above matters if we don’t have the right people. When it comes to being an essential player to help grow the logistics industry and keep it moving forward, we are passionate about eliminating non-competes because we believe that is the future of transportation management.

And we are not alone. Many companies are joining forces to end non-competes because we all feel it is holding our industry back.


Here are some of our thoughts as to why this is:

  • Starting a new job is already an overwhelming endeavor on an individual level. Add in a non-compete, and you've got a major distraction.
  • There is a tremendous amount of executive time and energy spent on non-competes during discovery, including exorbitant attorney fees.
  • We could be working on transportation management solutions and innovations when this time is sucked up -typically with repetitive questions and unimportant, false claims about "stealing" competitive intelligence. (At the end of the day, we all do the same thing: move our clients' products in the most efficient manner possible.)
  • Without the non-compete distractions, there could be significant, industry-wide technological and process developments.
  • Non-competes do not make a 3PL stronger. They hold talented individuals back from creating beneficial change. They make the 3PL worse by forcing great employees to be "stuck."
  • Non-Competes not only impact professional relationships, needlessly hurt customers and vendors, but often end friendships.
  • Imagine if the tens of thousands of hours wasted on non-competes were redeployed to create supply chain improvements and efficiencies. We believe our economy would be in better shape than it currently is, especially after a global event like COVID.
  • Finally, here’s a little nugget for you: with all of the money Evans has spent on defending, upholding settlements, working through non-competes, etc. recently, we could have chartered a cargo plane for baby formula to the US for all of our mothers in need?


FACT: employees and customers are fleeing those organizations with non-competes, and for a good reason. No one wants to work for or do business with a firm that has zero respect for its employees and has to use a non-compete as a mechanism to keep its best employees locked up. Isn't it time we stop stifling innovation in the logistics industry?

 When it comes to the logistics industry, eliminating non-competes is the best way to Keep It Moving Forward.

Team Evans


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